Keep Chenille Bedspread in Good Condition

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Chenille bedspread – To keep chenille bedspread in good condition, starting with vacuum chenille with upholstery attach a sweeper. This will lift the fiber and get rid of dust and animal hair and extend the time between washing. Two, wash on the bedspread in cold water with a mild detergent. Cold water will prevent shrinkage. A mild detergent, such as wool washes, will keep bright colors from fading. Wash the bedside by itself. Pre-treat any spots with a stain remover approved for cotton fabric.

Chenille Bedspread and Shams

Chenille Bedspread and Shams

Three, hang the bed cloth to dry. Wet cotton is heavy, so to avoid dragging the fibers drapes on the bedspread over two lines, in direct sunlight. If you have a solid white chenille bedspread, hang it in the sun, as the sun will naturally pale white. Four, look for pulled threads and carbines. Do not cut anyone you find, as the bedspread can shave. Instead, thread a needle with matching thread and sew a pair of stitches at the foot of the pulled Velcro to keep it from going anymore.

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Five, keep everything that can snag loops away from the bedspread. Chenille at night easy, so do not let the cat hug her claws on the bedspread. Do not put on the bedside while wearing clothes with buttons, zippers, sequins or other trim that can catch the threads. Do not use the cushions with any of these decorations. Last, save chenille bedspread wrapped in a cotton sheet. Clean and wipe bedspread before storage. Refold on the bedspread at least every six months to avoid permanent folds.

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