Color to Paint a Bedroom with a White and Burgundy Bedspread

Published On July 18, 2018 | By r3ads | Bedspread

Burgundy bedspread – White and burgundy bedspread can be an ideal choice for your bedroom. Because burgundy helps warm the space, while white tones provide a gloss effect. With a bold bed option it can be difficult to decide what color to paint the walls. Various colors can work well with burgundy and white on your bedspread bedding. So you just have to decide how bold or subtle an aspect you want for your bedroom.

Animal Burgundy Bedspread

Animal Burgundy Bedspread

White; white is probably the safest color option for bedroom walls when you have a white and burgundy bedspread. As a neutral, white shade works with virtually any color palette and helps other pop nuances. Because it is a color of light, it also reflects light and makes a smaller bedroom feel more spacious. When combined with a white and burgundy bedspread, white walls help the dark burgundy color in the pattern stand out. And also echo the white of the bedspread to join the look of the room.

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Image of: Velvet Burgundy Bedspread

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Image of: Elegance Burgundy Bedspread

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Image of: Animal Burgundy Bedspread

Gray; a neutral tone may be your best choice if your white and burgundy bedspread has a particularly large or bold pattern. Gray is an ideal color because it is not only light enough to help a small room feel larger. But it also adds visual interest and depth to a large room. It also provides a strong contrast with the burgundy on the bedspread to highlight the rich color. And also helps the white accents in the pattern in the balance of the look of the room.

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